Saturday, November 12, 2011

Replacement Plans on our House

As we’re having renovations plans in the house we’re taking notes of every detail that should be prioritized. We listed down the second floor walls and flooring as the main area to rebuild plus the roof that has served us for three decades now. Our roof has the best quality standard when the house was built and still has the durability but somehow it looks so old now and lacks the style that will improve the look of our house. We have a very big house that can house 2-3 families but since it was constructed for over 3 decades now we feel we should be replacing some major parts that will cost us more if it reached decay in few months or years. Since we’re expecting some financial blessings we deemed it right to improve the structure of our house. We also want to divide it and make it a duplex style house to maximize the big area.

We’ll start at the upper floor and then on the ground floor but we’ll see to it that both terrace will not be moved as it’s beautiful as it is. Having asphalt shingle roofing is such a nice idea but we’ll still be consulting our engineer brother to decide on things like that. Anyhow I’m very thankful to find to help me find some beautiful ideas on some needed items for our renovation. I know it will cost us big money but it’s worth it to spend on our home where we spent most of our time with family when we’re off from work and free from school. It’s always good to go home to a nice relaxing home with a comforting ambiance.


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