Monday, December 5, 2011

Sleep in Comfort

I had a full sound sleep last night and it made my day light and nice. I just realized how important a good sleep is. I was always sleeping late the past few weeks and when I was stricken by colds and cough it didn’t helped me that I abused my body with few sleeping hours. I’m disciplined with my meal plans and workout but I only sleep for 4-5 hours a day which makes my head ache so much most of the times. Now I’m determined to control the urge to work on my tasks late at night as I can sleep early and wake up at dawn to do my work before I prepare things for the kids.

I promised myself that I would buy a very comfortable pillow that will enhance my sleeping like body pillow which can surely give me comfort in sleeping and ease my back pain as well. It also promotes healthier circulation. I also have problem with stiff neck the past few days and it’s so hard to have it when you’re working. I’ve learned that it can be aligned when I’m resting so when I wake up I will not feel any pain on that area. Anyway this comfort pillow is not only for improving your sleep but reduces head, neck and back pains as well.


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