Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gen Turned Teen!

This is a late post of my daughter Gen's 13th birthday. I had mixed emotions when my youngest daughter turned 13 which also means that she's entering the teenage years and adolescence period. I'm happy that she's turning into a nice young lady but a little sad that I'm letting go of the baby in her. Realizing that your daughter is not a baby anymore is like accepting that soon she'll be having other world aside from her family and in the future she'll meet someone special. Well maybe I'm just being sentimental over this thing but I'm just used to having two little girls and now both of them are teens. Anyway I still my little boy and really thankful that God has blessed us with another kid besides my two girls. 

Back on Gen's birthday we celebrated it at Sta. Lucia where we had fun at the arcade (as always)before we dine at their fave food resto at KFC. We bought the cake before we dine and started eating it there as my kids can't resist the yummy taste of Gen's choice of Black Forest Cake. We're the last to go out the mall, really maximized our time there :) 


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