Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Choosing Your Feline Pet Between Different Cat Breed

Taking a Look at Your Options when Getting a Cat as a Pet

Before adopting a cat as a pet, make sure to look at different cat breeds and know their different preferences and attitudes before deciding which one to get. There are many breeds of cat to choose from so you might want to think hard first before coming up with your final decision. 

Before choosing a cat, make sure to ask yourself these following questions: 

• Why do you want a cat? Are you looking for a companion or the status that goes with owning a specific cat breed? 
• Can you afford a cat? You have to consider not just the initial cost but yearly vaccinations as well as neutering or spaying. 
• Grooming - Are you willing to spend the time needed to groom a long hair breed? 
• Other pets - You have to take your other pets into consideration. Will your dog tolerate a kitten? 

When you deeply thought it over and answered the questions truthfully and still want to go ahead and get a pet cat, the next step would be to decide the following: 

• Long-haired or Short-haired? If grooming would be an issue, it would be best to stick with short-haired cats. But if shedding is an issue, long-haired cars might be preferable. While all cats shed, no matter their coat length, short hair tends to imbed in upholstery and clothing and is harder to remove. 

• Pedigreed or Random-Bred? The advantage of the pedigreed cat is the predictability of size, appearance and temperament, and you can choose one that seems very likely to fit into your lifestyle by way of activity level, grooming and other factors. 

• A Couch Potato or an Active Playful Cat? Temperament in cats are inherited so pedigreed cats are easier to predict when it comes to their temper. As a general rule, the heavy, round cats will generally be the less active, more laid-back cats; the more refined the cat – the more "built for speed" – the more active and inquisitive he is likely to be. 

• A Kitten or an Adult Cat? While kittens can be adorable, they also require a great of work – being destructive duri


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