Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Loving Everything About Him

One month from now we’ll have our 16th wedding anniversary and when I think about those 16 years it feels like few years only. I really can’t believe we’ve been husband and wife for those long years except that our eldest will turn 15 on August and that’s our sign in counting our years, she was born three months after our first wedding anniversary. Looking back at those years I couldn’t remember a time that we lost our love for each other. It’s still the same as when we first said our vow of promise to each other and when we put our rings on each other’s finger.

Well we don’t have those diamond solitaire rings other couples have but we have forever in our heart and that’s what matters most. As we fondly sings the line ‘even if our hair is gray already’ when we were just newly married it remains that way now that we have some few real gray hairs. Love is like that you’ll love every bit of the person not only the good things about him but the imperfections as well.


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