Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heart Complications

Two weeks ago I was shocked to learn that my neighbour died of heart trouble. They were talking about Preplanning a funeral when they told me about her sudden death. She was 5 years older than me and living a healthy lifestyle. I remember seeing her every day from jogging and badminton playing and secretly hope that I can do those sports activities also. She’s very disciplined and makes exercise and sports a daily morning routine. One evening she suddenly felt stomach trouble. They didn’t know where the pain came from and after two opinions from doctors of different hospitals they arrived at the final findings that it evolved from a heart difficulty. 

I was surprised because her family didn’t know of her disease, not even the patient herself. It was so sudden and unexpected that I asked her husband the details of her two-week ordeal. It turned out that her stomach pain is a complication of her heart disease. I’m not familiar with medical terms but to sum it she’s not aware that she has it and when she felt it she didn’t know that it evolved from heart complications. It was painful for her family especially to her husband and her daughter but they have no choice but to accept it.


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