Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Managing Your Family’s Expenses

There are plenty of bills to attend to whenever a month closes by and a semi-monthly earner like me should learn how to handle finances to manage all of the bills and family’s needs. My online work is a great help in my money management because it adds up to my monthly budget. I depend on it to pay for my kids’ school fees which are a little bit expensive as they’re all studying in private schools. My friend keep telling me that I’m lucky with my two jobs but I can only say that it’s not all luck because it’s mainly hard work. 

Most of the times I spent my rest hours doing my online work so instead of relaxing in front of television with my kids I spent it thinking of good ideas and articles to write. I’m not complaining because for me it’s a blessing and I know when I retire from office work I could always count on my online work to support my financial needs because I can just do it in the comfort of my home with no age limit. Speaking of retirement, some of my friends who retire early in life and are waiting for their lump sum retirement pay will be happy to hear that they can purchase annuity payments for their lump sum cash. Most of them needs cash this opening of classes and it’s a relief that they can use some of their money now.


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