Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wishes for Redge

Just an excerpt from my FB message last Aug. 19 to my one and only baby sister in this world. She’s also my first best friend. 

"Here's sending the best wishes to the best and only sister I have, the second Mom of my kids and to the person whose always at my side wherever... whenever... whatever...next to Mom and Ed. As we always say to each other since we're kids that we'll stick to each other whatever it takes...we're sticking quite nice :) Happy bday sis! God bless and take care always! Love you!"

When she was able to read the message she was super touched and told me that it’s like a blog post and she was really glad to do all those mentioned above for me. We’re her life and she’ll be my side forever. Now I’m thinking what will I give her for her birthday, got any idea?


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