Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Advertising for Her New Business

My friend is starting a new business of her own after several years of working in corporate office. With her new goal in her career she knows that she would be need a good advertising for her chosen line of business. She’s into selling new innovative products which are new to consumers. When you’re into introducing new products or services it would take a lot of planning and marketing strategy to get into the loop. New products need a lot of promotions and introduction to public because consumers would think twice before buying and using a new product endorsed by a new company. 

Well she knows all about these things and been planning about to record presentation and advertisements. She also thinks of giving out CDs and DVDs free of charge on every place they go to easily make an intro to the products they’ve been endorsing. Since she would need hundreds to copy her video recording and powerpoint presentation she’s looking for a good  DVD duplicator to help them meet their goals of duplicating the presentation and videos. They’ve been doing it for several days now and looking forward to finalizing all to start with the reproduction. 

Since they’re a start-up company she is looking for an inexpensive duplicator which can give her quality and reliability despite the competitive price. She’s also looking for high DVD burn speeds and high precision reader to access most formats. She wouldn’t be able to spend a fortune just to buy office equipment and devices because she’s saving a lot for the incoming expenses of their office. They really took time to search, canvass and compare prices on the stores so they will be able to buy quality but affordable devices. They also search online since it’s easier to find and compare things. She also thinks that there are more deals and discounts offered on the net so she’s doing most of her searching online.


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