Saturday, September 15, 2012

Magazine Subscriptions' Coupons

With the recent economic situation people are beginning to be prudent on their expenses and prioritize buying the basic necessities in life. This is just right especially for people like me who are earning average income only. I only earn a little bit over others because of my online job and that one is not a fixed earning so in order to live within means and to provide the needs of my kids I have to wise in managing family’s financial budget. I get to buy some of our whims through my online earnings but I also think carefully before buying something that is not included in our basic needs even if we have enough funds because we also need to save for the kids’ education.

I’m fond of reading books, magazines and other reading materials but find it expensive buying them at times. I have this thought in my mind that they’re precious but still it’s just one of my hobbies and it can wait if it’s expensive. I’m actually waiting for discounts or super deals to be able to buy some so I will not feel guilty that I splurge on one of my hobbies. So finding Magazine Subscriptions  with a 15% coupon is really a good opportunity to subscribe some magazines which I long for few months back.

Now that SubscriptionAddiction is now giving discounts up to 90% off their cover price I searched for nice ones that I would love to follow and collect. I always love reading about family and parenting and finding some good titles in their list is such a breeze like Working Mother magazine which is just right for me and all those Moms who works outside their home. This magazine will be an essential tool for mothers who already have kids but still continue with their careers. On the other hand having Parenting Magazines would help us a lot to raise our kids and to be able to help them with their daily living.


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