Monday, December 10, 2012

Camp Meeting Plans and Preparation

We had a meeting yesterday afternoon about the incoming December camp meeting in the prayer garden place we used to held our outdoor church activities. As always reminders for the 3-day camp meeting were given including the needed preparation for 3-day food, clothing, emergency kit, fellowship program and schedule and a lot more activities for our yearly camp meeting. 

As we were doing it for several years now, way back when my kids were still babies I know the things that I need to prepare when it comes to camp meetings. I’m the kind who prepares things over the needed amount so to explain my heavy baggage. I don’t want to be insufficient of anything that we’ll need for the camp because more often our camp site is very far from market and stores. I would want Camp Trunks to place all our things needed which we could also use even after the camp. 

Well now our present site is only one town away from where we live so baggage should not be too heavy and we could plan a nice midnight dinner on the 24th because we’re not that far from where we could buy food supplies. We just need to buy all we need for our menu the day before we need it to prevent rush and lack of stocks. Actually I was the one assigned to shop for the ingredients of our agreed menu and I should do it earlier to prevent hassles.


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