Saturday, December 8, 2012

Understanding the Signs

If someone will ask me what I want so dearly now I would answer right away that all I want and need for now is longer sleeping hours. I’ve been so stressed about my office work that I concentrated deeply on my online writing job to fight off the feeling of depression that’s eating me up. I’m not the depressive type of person and I don’t permit myself to be stressed on the things that happen in my life but I just can’t help it. Well I’ve learned to forget all of these negative things by resorting to working overnight where I could reassure myself that no matter what happened I still have my other work that won’t pass out on me. 

Anyway if I could have longer hours for sleeping now I would like to have those neck pillows to give me a peaceful slumber tonight. I want it because it will surely give me a healthier and comfortable sleep ever. These past few days has given me rough nights for my bad thoughts and it’s only Him who erases all my fears and anxieties. I know He’s already showed some signs to me and I just have to understand those signs and what are His plans for me.


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