Thursday, January 24, 2013

Innovative Way of Cleaning Equipment

I’ve never worked in manufacturing companies that deal with big equipment in large scale production, but I know about it because my friend has been employed as an Engineer in one of these companies. It’s a different field from what I’ve worked in, and when she talks about it I listen because I'm interested in knowing what goes on in those big manufacturing companies I pass everyday as I go to work. These factories take up a huge amount of work space which makes me think about how precious that equipment must be. 

Being in that kind of industry gives you an insight of how big their responsibilities are in regard to keeping up with the care and maintenance of such very expensive machines. My friend updates his records daily, taking notes of small defects requiring immediate repairs. The equipment should also be cleaned periodically depending on the scheduled cleaning maintenance of each individual piece of equipment. Such cleaning will not only enhance the performance of equipment but will help on the durability as well. 

Each machine should be handled with care and cleaned thoroughly without damaging the efficiency, especially on electric motors and equipment with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic components. It should be ideally cleaned with the use of dry ice cleaning. It provides the ideal process of using dry ice blasting which replaces high-pressure cleaning and unsafe blasting methods. 

It’s a dry ice blasting revolutionary method that uses small, compact dry ice pellets as material. I should Tweet this to inform my friends of such innovations. The pellets are accelerated in a jet of compressed air which is ideal for removing dirty elements like varnish, grease, adhesives, soot, mould and others leaving it dry and clean. It avoids the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents which is also helpful to our environment. Best of all it, can clean equipment even while it is in operation!


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