Thursday, February 7, 2013

Arts and Crafts Hobbies

My kids are full of ideas about arts, crafts and anything that fancies their minds. Their school trained them to do various art things and now it has also become one of their hobbies. They’ve done a lot of interesting projects that are now displayed in our house. Because of this I’ve been collecting instruments and materials they need for their art crafts. 

They have glue gun, brushes, paints, pastel colors, various art materials, special pens, lettering books, cutter and blades like scalpel blades at for intricate cutting and shaping and a lot more. I’m glad that they’re inclined in music and arts as what our clan are good at. Even my little boy is so keen on imitating my flair for lettering and now I could say that he’s improving a lot. Next thing I know he’s better than me.


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