Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Perfect Buddy for Working

As a graduate of a computer degree course, my work always requires me to use a computer as a medium to do my work. In my work I need to be online all day to deal with suppliers and clients in which all agreements are made through online transactions. All things are done online including ordering, paying, shipping arrangements, training and offering products. 

As such it requires me to work for long hours in front of the computer which makes me feel tired at the end of the day especially if I don’t stand once in a while to stretch my body for some a bit. Break time helps a lot as I can rest from too much sitting and working. Well I’m glad that I’m using comfortable office furniture chair which we purchased for the office two years ago. 

My chair gives me enough comfort when I sit back and relax but it’s not high enough to cover my head. I would appreciate it more if was one of those chairs I’ve seen from Chair Hero because it’s definitely made for long working hours. They have a wide selection of top quality office, office desk chair, cheap and discount office chairs, ergonomic office chairs, swivel chairs and more. 

Just looking at their products makes me want to replace our office chairs for more convenient working times and less back pain after a day’s work. I particularly like the ergonomic task office chairs like Office Star 43819 because it comes with multiple adjustments where you can control tilt, modify the angle of the back and forward tilt for keyboard intensive activities. It’s definitely a big help when you’re working. 

It’s so good that I’m not shy to Tweet this product so my friends will know how they can get their own multi-function task chair for working on their computers. It’s perfect not just for offices but for home use also especially for people like me who also works online at home.


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