Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Sleep Number Silver Edition Bed Versus the Memory Foam Beds Offered by Personal Comfort

Personal Comfort Beds Offer the Ultimate in Comfort Too 

Sleep Number touts its beds as being the ultimate in comfort, especially the Sleep number silver edition  mattress. However, when you review the medically-graded foams offered by the Personal Comfort brand, you’ll soon want to find out more information. 

Evolution Foams 

For example, Personal Comfort features three types of foams. Their Evolution Gel Memory Foam is made to offer the most pressure relief over other foams. Not only does the mattress material alleviate the impact of stress, it increases blood flow when you are at rest. Evolution foam is also available that produces a similar level of comfort. 

Support Foam – Helpful to Back Pain Sufferers 

Support foam, made by Personal Comfort, supplies cushiony support beneath the mattress’s air chambers. Pressure is absorbed, thereby offering uniform relief to both muscles and joints. 

Two-zone Technology 

Personal Comfort also offers a two-zone chamber system that not only supports the sleeper but resists punctures and leaks as well. What’s more, the Instant Comfort dual remote featured by Personal Comfortmakes it possible for you to realize the maximum in rest and comfort with settings that have been medically adjusted and set. Not only that, two-zone technology allows users to customize their mattress side whenever they want. 

Review the Personal Comfort Brand: Click on Their Site for Further Details 

Many consumers believe that buying an adjustable bed or air mattress can be quite expensive. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the air beds and accessories offered on Plus, after you read the product guarantees and see the amount you can save by opting for the Personal Comfort brand, you can’t help make Personal Comfort your preferred choice in an air bed.


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