Saturday, March 30, 2013

Accompaniment for the Choir

We had a fulfilling summer camp meeting in our usual venue site in prayer garden located near the hills. Everything went well especially our quarterly communion and foot washing which we did on the first day of our camp. We brought along all our musical instruments with us so we can have an inspiring praising time with spiritual music but on the second day something went wrong with our electric bass guitar and it suddenly malfunctioned. We’ve checked with moog synthesizer guitar center about our other problem and decided that our synthesizers also need some replacement. 

Of course we can sing with just drums and manual guitar but it’s also the day of our choir presentation so it would really be great if the instruments were complete so we did everything to repair it immediately or rather trouble shoot what was wrong or what parts were malfunctioning. Most of the times our amplifiers were the ones that’s bringing us malfunction problems so we also checked those and some other musical accessories. After a while the guitar started playing again and we’re glad that we had a nice background instrument for all our choir groups.


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