Friday, March 8, 2013

Bathroom Accessories: How Not to Overdo it

It can be exciting when you’re a new homeowner moving into your own home with your own bathroom for the first time. But the problem most people have when they do this? Overdoing it with the bathroom accessories. It might seem to you that you need any and every item you can find to fit in with your colour scheme, from towels to shower seats. But remember, with every item you pick, consider whether in a couple of weeks this will become clutter. 

Of course, there are some items that are necessary in having a stylish, yet functional bathroom. Every bathroom needs either a towel rail or hooks to hang your clothes while you’re bathing. A heated towel rail may seem a necessity when you think about drying your damp towels, but is it something you really need in a new bathroom with good ventilation? You’d be better to hedge your bets on a more stylish chrome towel rack with multiple rails to keep items separate. 

You’ll also want to consider buying some other necessary items such as a toothbrush holder, a waste basket and a toilet roll holder. Don’t forget though that in a stylish bathroom, less is always more. You don’t need an array of accessories such as pictures and multiple mirrors to make your space seem more you. 

Try to stay within a specific colour scheme. One that is particularly popular for bathrooms is blue, the colour of water, possibly even with a nautical theme. Although that is no excuse to have boats and anchors littering the room! For a nice finishing touch, perhaps add a potted plant or two and leave it at that.


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