Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monitoring Your Heart Always

It’s always best to be healthy and fit all the time because it means that you’re in good shape for whatever activities you want to participate. I used to join sports when I was single with almost all sports in my mind to participate and with just a small frame I was able to compete with some of my classmates. I really missed those days as when I started giving birth I also missed those athletic activities I love so much. 

Few months ago during my spare time I spent some minutes in aerobics and cardio work out which did a lot of great things to me. It sets my body to a balance of exercise and healthy diet meals until I stopped again. I’ve made several attempts to go back to my healthy habit but it’s only now that I have disciplined myself to pursue with my plans because I was not feeling well with my weight. 

Nevertheless I also have to check my heart rate once in a while to ensure that my goal would be achieved and we all know that a healthy mind and body should also have a healthy heart. With this the Polar Heart Rate Monitor could be of help especially when you’re improving your fitness with manual heart rate target zone. 

It’s a good partner because you can see a summary of your workout displayed on the screen wherein you will be inspired for a good result and alarmed if not. We should always remember that our heart is precious and we should take good care of it.


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