Sunday, March 17, 2013

Moving to a New House or New Office

Moving to another location is both exciting and tasking. First you need to pack all the necessary goods and dispose of things that you don’t need any more. In all of my friends’ experiences in moving they all told me that it’s not advisable to move everything you have because it’s good to start a new home and place without mess and it will not be possible if you don’t take away old unused things. Moving is also a way of cleaning and clearing up old things and replacing them with new just like the place you’re going to move in. 

Well whether you’re having big or small moves  it doesn’t really matter because you have to undergo same experiences. They only differ in the volume of your things but personally you will go through the same process. I’ve just gone through the fast moving of our office from Pasig City to Makati and if I’ll be ask if I want another move I will definitely say no because it gave me so much work and things to arrange until now that we’ve settled already. 

Moving is ideal if you have other people that will help you make the move. It will be more exciting and you will not really feel the hardship. Anyway it’s kind of worth it because we get to be just across our sister company’s office where the big boss has his office. Now we can have our documents and cheques signed without so much effort of traveling from our old office to our boss’ office. We’re actually adjusting to the new setup except that I’m always very tired when I got home and I couldn’t do a thing.


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