Thursday, March 21, 2013

Relaxing Vacation Home

It’s officially school break as we’ve finished with two recognition programs of our kids and we just have to come back for their report card. I have to admit that it’s something that I’m really waiting for. After ten months of continuous school days and activities the kids need a real break from all of their tiring activities and to restore their energy and strength for the next coming school year. Now we’re just waiting for their daddy to finish with his own clearance and off we go to long weekend vacation in MIL’s house. 

We always go to their Granny’s house because we only have to travel a few miles and more than an hour and we’re there. The place is conducive to relaxing vacation because it’s just below the mountains and the temperature in the environment is kind of cooler than in the urban areas. I was thinking if we should have a cottage home like what I saw in a blog that feature homes with nice beddings.  We could stay there during vacation and it’s less expensive when you have some place to spend vacation during free days. 

If ever we’ll have a cottage home near the mountains I already have some nice decor ideas and plan how to furnish it like putting some nice sofas and put seersucker bedding in our sleeping beds. Everything should be comfortable and has a relaxing and fresh ambiance; after all if it’s dedicated to be our vacation home it should really be as cool and refreshing as we want it to be. Beautiful bedding accessories help a lot in creating nice environment and invite you to a dreamless sleep. As early as now I’m looking forward to our small vacation plans.


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