Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Saving for Better Quality Guitar for the Kids

We need to drop by the nearest music store to buy extra guitar strings for my kids’ acoustic guitar because one of the strings gave in. We must buy replacement strings because the kids are spending this summer vacation to learn playing it. Well the nearest is actually far from our place and we’re considering asking our church mates to buy it for us because they live near the place where we bought the guitar. 

I have noticed that strings are easily worn out when the kids play it every day so we really must have some stocks for future usage. Maybe it’s not that easy to wear out if it’s made from quality materials like ibanez from musicians friend. Their guitars are made from high quality mahogany wood and all other additions are quite durable also. Guitars are so compact and very comfortable to play with. Well I need to save for the kids’ next guitar because I want such kind of guitars.


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