Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chest Drawers Under the Stairs

Source: treehugger.com via Race on Pinterest

Thinking of your multiple files at home and how you can store it best?  Well I have the same dilemma with my kids' school things and my home office files.  Having three kids is undoubtedly a home full of books, papers, toys, school things and every little accessories they have.  I must admit it's always been my problem how to keep their things in order so I buy and buy plastic cabinets for them.  

Aside from the multi-layered cabinets it's also nice to have this chest drawers hidden under the stairs to make the house more organized and free from mess.  This will surely help anyone with storage problems and maximizes your home areas where its needed.  Try this one out and you'll be spared of buying plenty of cabinets like me.


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