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How to Buy the Best Pool Table

When you’re in the market for a pool table, there are few things you should know before you choose the one you’ll add to your game room. This way you’ll choose the right one that will provide you many years of enjoyment.


The Size

Your pool table must fit comfortably in your game room. If you have a large room, consider purchasing the biggest pool table of 9 feet. If you have a medium size room, choose the 7 or 8 foot pool table.

You’ll need space around the pool table to use your cue sticks. You’ll need at least six feet between the table and the wall to be comfortable while shooting.


Quality Over Price

Many people will jump to buy the cheapest pool table available. This isn’t always the best choice because inexpensive tables often end up being the ones that don’t last. If you want to purchase a pool table that will give you many hours of playtime, choose a quality one for a good price.


Warranty Options

When you buy a pool table, make sure they come with a warranty. It’s also a good idea to ensure the company you’re purchasing from has been in business for a while. That way it will be less likely for it to shut down soon after you buy your pool table, and you’re left with no support if a repair is needed.


Leveling Service

You can’t play a fair game of pool without a leveled pool table. For this reason, you need to ask the company you purchase the pool table from if they offer leveling service. They can come to your home with a caliber especially designed to test pool tables. They will make sure it’s even, so you can play better than you have ever played.


What Will You Purchase for Accessories? 


When people buy pool tables in Rochester, they need the following accessories:

·         Cues
·         Cue chalk
·         Cue rack
·         Balls
·         Wooden rack
·         Table brush

Once you have all of these items, you’ll be ready to play pool in the comfort of your home. Invite some family and friends over and have a tournament. These times make the memories you’ll remember for a lifetime. Enjoy your new pool table!


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