Monday, June 3, 2013

Organizing Small-Spaced Room

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Looking for ideas for your bountiful stuff's placement?  Well this one will surely be a great idea to organize your collection of shoes, clothes and accessories.  As women has a lot of stuff in the room it always seem so small for her furniture and never ending accessories.  What if you maintain more than a dozen shoe collection and you can't find a way on how to store them in a way that it will not be deformed or damaged.  

Shoes especially those expensive ones should be perfectly stored in order to maintain its good condition, look and texture.  I have experienced discovering my wedding shoes got flakes all over because I've put them in closed box for several years.  I thought I've stored wisely but still it wasn't preserved the way I like it to be.  Anyway what I liked about the image above is how they maximize the space in such a way that the shoes is safe at the top racks.


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