Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Dresses for Expecting Moms

There are several lovely style trends in maternity dresses this year. One is the wrap dress. This is an easy-to-wear comfortable dress for a woman who is expecting. It's appropriate for work as well as casual outings to the movies or even the grocery store! With a blazer or a cardigan sweater, a maternity wrap dress can be suitable for a more formal occasion. Find out about some other style trends in cute maternity dresses. 
A maternity dress with a pleated style is another current trend. These pleats add interest to the basic maternity dress. Plus, this style has thick, pleated straps that give a mom-to-be adequate support. One of the most appealing things about this style is that it looks fashionable no matter what color a woman chooses. 

Another popular style in maternity dresses is the ankle length dress with a ruffled, scoop neckline. Many pregnant women enjoy the flowing hem of these long dresses especially in the humid summer months. Many examples of this style can be found in the summer maternity dresses at Finally, the handkerchief style maternity dress is very popular with pregnant women who like to have a little extra swish no matter how many months along they are. The flowing layers of this style are ideal for a woman who wants the layers with out the extra weight! This unique style often has a v-neck top and spaghetti straps. It can be worn with some accessories to both casual and formal gatherings.


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