Tuesday, June 18, 2013

World Class Water Park for Family Friendly Water Adventure

My kids love amusement and all kinds of parks which they had a chance to have a first visit on one of their field trips. My daughter always tells me that our little boy is so lucky to have themed parks on his list of itinerary on his yearly educational tours. I told them that I will just bring them on our family outdoor activities but it’s hard to fix their schedules because they only have summer vacation to enjoy all of our outdoor family bonding. 

Anyway Gen loves to go also to where Josh had his field trip early this year where we saw dolphins at their best exhibitions on the real ocean. It’s hard to bring my daughters there because it’s too far from us and it would be hard on their schedule. I just told them that we’ll schedule one outing in the city with the same theme which is nearer than ocean parks. 

Theme, amusement and water parks are all exciting places to visit when you’re free from work and school because you’ll not only enjoy the rides but the place and park activities as well. They vary in their themes of shows and presentations but they all carry the same goal which is to make your money worth the fun and excitement. I can say this because I’m with my little boy in all his exciting educational tours and field trips which gave me an opportunity to visit places and able to share it in my sites. 

That’s for our own country’s parks and I have yet to dream visiting the largest water park in Minneapolis known as the tallest indoor water park in the US where you’ll get to enjoy refreshing pools and experience exciting water slides, plenty of rides and variety of activities for all ages. If you want aquatic adventure, excitement, fun and pure enjoyment you’ll just have to visit this family-friendly park or schedule your next birthday or event there.


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