Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Work with an Architect

If you’ve never worked with an architect before, discovering what to expect ahead of time can be a tremendous help. Professional architectural firms such as  Quinn Evans can execute projects much more smoothly and efficiently if your relationship with them is smooth and efficient as well. Read on to find out what you need to consider to create a mutually beneficial relationship with your architect. 

The financial commitment.

The first thing you’ll want to make clear is what your financial commitment to the project is going to be. Many people who hire architects don’t realize that not only does the building or renovation project incur a significant cost but so does the completed project. Costs such as furnishing, operation, maintenance and repair also contribute to the overall financial commitment. An architect can help you figure out what your true cost is going to be and help decide a budget. Make sure you get the final figures specified in your contract with the architect. 

The project itself. 

Knowing what you want and expect from a project is critical. If you don’t know, how can your architect know? Ask yourself what functionality and aesthetics you want as well as when you’d like to be able to occupy the space. It’s also important to think about the project’s space requirements both inside and outside the structure as well as the flow of use and movement in and around the structure. This will help your architect design your project. 

Your desired lifestyle. 

Finally, when it comes to residential projects, discussing your lifestyle with your architect will make a world of difference in the outcome of the project. Your architect needs to know specifics such as your needs for accommodating family, entertaining, desire for privacy and other possible ways you may use your home in the future. 

Discussing these topics will go a long way toward forming a productive relationship with your architect and producing a project you will love.


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