Sunday, August 4, 2013

Buy and Sell Deals

Many of us have bought a Groupon deal in hopes of getting a good deal on a product or a service. However, we may have bought the deal too hastily or waited too long and had it slip through our fingers. In fact as many as 20-40% of group buy deals go unclaimed. In the past you may have been out that money, but with a website called CoupFlip, you may not be. 

On you can buy and sell deals. This is the place to go when you bought your group deal too hastily and now would like to recoup your money back. Alternatively, if you missed out on a deal that you were after you can go on the webpage and search for this deal, and find it often at a discount. This service to buy or sell your group buys is completely free to use. Best yet if you are selling your groupon you do not have to wait around for someone to make you an offer, as Coupflip will make you an offer instantly based on what the deal is currently worth . This saves you time, hassle and money; The price factors in the expiry date of the deal as well as how popular the deal was when it appeared. 

The web page is very easy to use and you can search for deals based on your city. This is a great place for those looking for a great deal, or those who procrastinated too long.


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