Saturday, August 31, 2013

Importance of Children's Bedding

In an effort to boost sales, retailers have expanded the idea of back-to-school staples to some unexpected items--children's bedding. Sales and discounts on children's bedding are soaring in retail outlets across the nation, with some retailers marking mattresses and bedding items down as high as 75 percent. 

While many parents may deem new bedding a unnecessary back-to-school item, a new bedroom set may boost your child's academic performance. Researchers at the University of Tuebingen, Germany found that children who get an adequate amount of sleep are more effective at converting implicit experience into explicit knowledge than adults. Simply put, children who get a good night's sleep tend to have better memories and tend to do better in school, but what is at the foundation of a good night's sleep? 

According to the Sleep Foundation, for most people, a quiet, clean, and dark room aren't the most important elements for a good night's rest. What is most important to getting an adequate amount of sleep is good bedding. Over 80 percent of people feel that a good mattress and comfortable pillows and sheets are essential to having a good night's sleep. 

Many parents underestimate the importance bedding and room decor plays in a child's sense of security and imagination. Children's bedding gives your child the opportunity to express his or her unique tastes and and personality. Additionally, when a child's bedding and room is comfortably decorated, it reinforces the idea that bedtime isn't such a scary thing, but more so a time to retreat and recoup for the next day. For bedding that will help your child develop physically and intellectually, find children s bedding by Sweet JoJo Designs at


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