Monday, September 5, 2016

Outdoor Home Decor Lightings

We love staying at the patio or at our terrace in the house but when it's dark outside we never stay late there as it's not so conducive to chatting and bonding.  We don't want to stay in a place where the lightings are not enough to create a cozy and warm ambiance.  Well I've seen plenty of light effects on some of the houses that my brother has built and I can say that these lights are a lot different from what I saw.

These clusters of light located in patio corners are ideal lights for the outdoor area in your house where you can feel the warmth of the golden shades of light, just enough to make your stay worthwhile and pleasant.  At first I thought that it's a DIY project only but when I took a closer look I realized it's meant for patio corner's lightings to bring some life into the corner of the patio.  And life indeed because the lights in the image above added attraction and respect also.

Saw these bubble caged glass lanterns from


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