Thursday, August 8, 2013

Popular Siding Used for Homes

When you build your home, you want to get a quality Utah siding material. This material must withstand the elements and give your home a good look, because it is what people will see on the outside of your home. Consider what is most popularly used for home siding, and think about whether you want to join others in using these particular materials for the siding on your home. 

Types of Siding 

One of the most popular materials used for siding is vinyl. This is usually made in strips that are laid horizontally or vertically. They can be made in any color or design. Vinyl is both durable and fairly cheap, which is why people choose to use it so often. Vinyl, however, is flammable, and when some of it is damaged, the entire section usually needs to be replaced. Vinyl can have insulation added to help keep noise and extreme temperatures outside of the home. It is slightly more expensive but adds many benefits. 

Engineered wood siding is for those who like the look and idea of having wood as a siding, but want more benefits than the simple wood material that warps over time and requires a lot of maintenance. It is very easy to install, so labor costs stay low. The material itself is also fairly cheap because it does not require a lot of lumber in itself. It is much more durable than wood itself, because it won’t get insect problems. It can be painted any color as well. It does need to be maintained to keep it safe from moisture. 

Fiber cement is wood mixed with sand and cement. It is very thick, so it can handle extreme weather very well, which makes it durable over time. Any paint that is put on fiber cement will stay there for a very long time. Because it is heavy and specially made, this type of Utah siding  is a bit more expensive than other types. It does not require much maintenance, however, which is why a lot of people like it. It also gives a unique look to any home.


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