Saturday, September 14, 2013

Building Temporary Roads with Heavy Equipment Mats

Heavy equipment mats from Quality Mat Company are excellent for building temporary roadways to construction sites. These interlocking mats were invented in the 1970s and have become indispensable for large construction operations. Often known as oilfield mats, these mixed hardwood or oak laminated mats work well on any jobsite. 

For the oil industry, these heavy equipment mats are an important part of their work in remote areas. The mats allow heavy machinery to move over rugged or swampy terrain without paving permanent roads. By eliminating the resources and materials needed to build temporary roads, these mats continue to save companies of all sizes a great deal of money. 

Mats also provided ground protection for environmentally sensitive areas. By keeping the heavy construction equipment off of the fragile ground beneath, construction can continue while keeping the land as pristine as possible. After the mats are removed, it can be difficult to tell they were ever there. 

Because the mats are reusable, they can be used for years with the durability that construction sites require. The interlocking design distributes the weight of the machinery, which provides easy access for the dozers and dump trucks while also reducing the stress on the underlying earth. Heavy equipment mats are ideal for construction sites, oil fields, and other applications where easy access is required. So if you’re thinking about how to make your operation run smoothly, consider Quality Mat’s heavy equipment mats.


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