Thursday, October 17, 2013

Four Comfortable Things To Wear You Thought Were Uncomfortable

In a world of things being uncomfortable, it’s nice to discover things that provide comfort. You know how they say fashion first, well, you don’t need to subscribe to that. You will get things that look cool and fashionable and are still comfortable. Don’t adopt the man putting you down or perhaps in your place! Here are a couple of surprisingly comfortable garments and accessories. 

1. Bowling Shoes

Yes, it's socially acceptable to wear bowling shoes out in public. In fact, there is a whole style of bowling shoes now which were probably not even created for actual bowling. There are most likely some people out there who think that’s merely a name for the shoe, and that it has something related to the shoe being shaped like a bowl. They may never have associated these with the sport they flip past in the news, usually televised on ESPN10 or something. You could probably get a lot of bowling shoes cheap these days, or you can opt to buy new ones from places like BowlingShoes instead. 

2. Russian Hats

Any stereotype of your Russian involves drinking vodka and wearing a furry hat. Just look for a satirical cartoon without the Russian inside the strip wearing a furry hat. It’s synonymous. But the Russians know a few things about currently in the intense cold, that hats aren't joke. They will keep you warm. And when you get used to their appearance, where you will absolutely jump out (unless you are in Russia), you will have found a terrific way to stay warm. Just be certain when you’re getting a furry hat that no household cats were harmed inside the making of them. 

3. Those hipster bike helmets

Once we were younger we wore those standard looking bike helmets, sleek with speed holes inside them, with maximum level of safety. That’s why our parents bought them. Then all of a sudden there appeared in the marketplace these throw back helmets that appeared as if motorcycle helmets from the 60’s. They look stupid, we thought, but we kept seeing every one of them over the place. And then suddenly they became cool, and the safer normal helmets became lame and passé. Well exactly what do we know, and we all tried them out. And now, I gotta say, they are surprisingly comfortable, and provide you an air of biker credibility as well. 

4. UGGs

If you’re like me, the first time you saw someone which has a pair of UGGs, you thought “ugh” and hoped it was an anomalous vision. Unfortunately, they've spread like wild fire and therefore are here to stay, at least for now. But there’s a reason why these are so popular and no, it’s because they look nice at all. It is they are exceedingly comfortable. I know a lot of people who use them as their indoor house slipper, and that’s probably their most socially acceptable use. But, equally as some people think it’s okay to travel out in sweatpants, the UGG generation is valuing comfort over style. But in the event you don’t care your image, UGGs really are extremely comfy and warm.


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