Monday, October 28, 2013

Fun Fishing with the Family

We had a great time with the whole family when we celebrate my Mom’s birthday few months ago in Bulawan’s floating restaurant near Tanay, Rizal. My brother asked us if we want to spend it there as they always go there when they want to unwind and relax. Since we really wanted a different birthday ambiance and for Mom to enjoy her birthday we agreed and set out for the family bonding early morning. The day was actually cloudy and before we arrive it was already raining but we still continued with our plans and started fishing. 

Big brother is so used with his fishing hobby that he brought along his own fishing equipment and accessories except for his fishing rod rack which he kept in his home. He taught us all the basic techniques in fishing and in time we were all waiting for the first fish to eat our bait. It was a relaxing rainy day and Mom was the happiest seeing us all there laughing and enjoying her special day. The menu was superb with some of our catches cooked for our lunch birthday food. We had great-tasting healthy sea foods such as sugpo, tanigue, alimango, pusit, tilapia cooked for us and everyone was satisfied. It also feels good to eat what you have just caught from your fishing just like what my brother always says when he asks us to join in his hobby.


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