Friday, November 22, 2013

Preparation for December Fellowship and Family Vacation

The youth in our church are gearing up for our camp meeting and as early as now they’re assigning tasks per group. They’re also searching for new songs for choir presentation as they seem to present familiar songs always. As the fellowship is coming near they noticed that they need to replace some microphones for better voice quality. Someone suggested a quality one to last for long period usage and for this they want to buy boom mic to accommodate and harmonize with drum and amplifier as well. 

Early planning and preparation is very important so we can have a fruitful and fulfilling fellowship come December. High quality musical instruments and accessories are also a good contribution for a successful occasions thus it should always be checked and noted for repair or replacement. Since we’re having it in Baguio this time maybe we’ll have some adjustments to make. We’re all excited for the coming fellowship vacation.


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