Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Affordable Shop for the Family’s Printing Needs

I can really smell vacation now with barely two days before we go to the coolest place in town. We’re now preparing clothes and necessities for a 5-day fellowship vacation stay in Baguio and we’re all excited about it. Meanwhile as excited as we are we cannot forget the kids’ remaining printable for school as they need to submit some papers before their December holiday school break. I just wish I could order them online at but I’m running out of time as we need them this day. 

We figured out that printing them in our own printer will cost us more than if we have them done in our favorite printing shop where we also have discounts for our printing requirements. It’s also a two blocks away from the house so it’s convenient and very accessible to us. Even my young grade schooler can go to them for his own school paper works all by himself because it’s very near the house and the owners know us well. I just love how they print our papers and graphics with very affordable rates.


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