Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Preparation of Family Needs for Vacation

I wish I have more time to sort out my things to decide what to wear on our incoming vacation. I listed out all things to prepare one by one by categories of clothes, toiletries, foodies, gadgets, accessories and some other needs. I had it done in table form with my family members for each column listing what they need to bring in details. Since my kids learned early in life how to pack clothes they know now what they should wear on fellowship and how many should they bring including extras for unexpected mishap. 

I instructed my daughters specifically not to forget their delicate essentials. I told them to bring more than what they would need for 5 days just in case we extend another day. While we’re sorting out our things they asked if I should bring Sexy Panties they saw on commercial ads and I laughed as I’m not that fond of wearing such things except when I’m still single. Anyway I’m positive that even though I’m so busy I can find time to finally pick my needed clothes and pack them before we go two days from now. I’m just busy as a bee for now and I’ll just do it at dawn so I’ll be relaxed in thinking that I’m ready for our vacation.


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