Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweet Family Memories

We’re preparing for our fellowship vacation these days after we have finished with some spring cleaning in the lower ground of our house. With the onset of floods in our town we find it necessary to replace our almost four decade sofa built by my father in his younger years. He was so keen on creating furniture after his carpentry course that he almost completed our major furniture in the house consisting hardwood sofa with leather seats, wooden octagon table, various square study table, few corner tables and wardrobe cabinets including small wooden storage for jewelries like rings, women's necklaces and other valuables. 

I grew up seeing all my father’s creations inside our house which was also designed by him and all of which are making me sentimental and emotional every time. My father is gone 16 years ago but his presence is all around us which makes us feel that he’s always here making sure that we’re ok and fine even if he’s not with us anymore. Sometimes to fight the feeling of missing him we think of the times when we’re happy on our picnics together and all our outdoor activities which he loves doing when we’re still young kids. He even bought a land and turned it into a farm and fish pond to stay on weekends and vacations. He loves taking the family out to the countryside when he’s free and I missed it. I just love sweet family memories.


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