Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thinking of Birthday Gift for My Daughter

My daughter will turn 15 next month and as early as now she’s thinking of what she’ll ask me for her birthday. The other day she smiled at me and asked if I could buy her a new badminton racket of her favorite brand. Since it’s kind of expensive she told me that she’ll share in the expenses so I will not be burdened as I will also spend some on our family night out together. I love my kids for thinking of my budget and not putting any pressure on me when they want something. I know that they will grow up with a good management on their financial with an attitude like that. Anyway she’s also thinking if she should be replacing her one-year old guitar or adding one because her elder sister wants to play alongside her most of the times. She also saw the epiphone dr-100 at musicians friend and love the look and how it’s nicely crafted. She loves the mahogany color, the total look of the guitar and the quality as well.


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