Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finding the Right Housing at Murray State

Trying to find the right apartment can be very difficult, especially when you are just moving out of your parent’s home and starting college. The added pressure of finding a good place on top of all the other stresses you are preoccupied with can make you feel overwhelmed. If you have a good checklist for what to look for in an apartment, however, this can make it easier for you to select the right place (and way less stressful). When you are looking for housing at Murray State, here are some things to keep in mind that can help make your search more successful. 

What’s Your Budget? 

First, when you are going to school, you are living on a budget and, chances are, not a very large budget. When you are looking for an apartment, you have to first consider how much you have in your budget to dedicate to your housing. If you take a look at all of your expenses (like groceries, school supplies, gas costs, etc.), you can figure out what you can afford to pay on rent. You can then restrict your apartment hunting to places that fit within that budgeted amount, which will greatly decrease the amount of searching you have to do. Why waste your time looking at places you’ll never be able to afford? With a budget range in mind, you won’t have to. 

Who’s Your Roommate? 

Once you have picked a budget, you will want to look at the kinds of features that apartments in your price range offer. One major feature to pay attention to is your privacy. Some options for housing at Murray State offer private bedrooms, while others require you to share your room with a roommate. Many people choose to live with a roommate for the social advantages that this option has to offer. However, some people decide that they can share an apartment, but not a bedroom. There are a couple of different reasons why someone would choose a private room. 

For people who have a hard time concentrating and can be easily distracted, it may be necessary to have a private room so that studying doesn’t get interrupted by a roommate’s presence. Also, some people choose to bring a lot with them to college, which means they need more storage room in their bedroom and less roommate room.


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