Monday, March 17, 2014

Planning and Building Additional Floor

I was asked by my MIL to do some simple drawing of floor plan for their other house which they plan to renovate this month. They’re working on the foundation now for a stronger slab for the second floor. As they will need to save the allotted money they skipped the professional plan and the whole family will just build it according to their skills. Anyway they have knowledge in building houses so for now they would only need one professional carpenter to lead the work force. 

Planning and budgeting are two main factors for them to achieve their goal of building additional floor without overspending their finances and I was asked to do the plan so they can show it to my SIL who finances the construction. She wanted to be assured that they’re doing right hence she requested for a floor plan. If the floor plan serves as a guide for building houses so is the boss flanger for balancing amplified sound for guitarists and bassists. Music is beautiful but if not equipped with the best and quality equipment and instruments it will not be able to give its best. Amplifiers should be able to give clear sound of what the musical instrument produces and it should amplify it as well. Hope we could get quality instruments for our church use and may the clear sounds amplify our praising.


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