Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Three Reasons to Use a Sewer Cam Inspection

With modern technology, it is now possible to use a small camera to move through your drain pipe. A plumbing technician can now get a visual of the inside of your sewer line. There are three good reasons to use this technology.

To help determine if replacement or repair is needed
By using a video camera, a professional sewer line inspector can see the interior condition of the pipe. If there seems to be a problem with the sewer line, a visual inspection will help determine if the sewer line needs to be replaced or just a segment of the sewer line.

To identify the cause of a persistent problem
In some cases, the line is persistently clogging up. Every few weeks this may happen, and a technician must come out to your home to clear the line. However, a sewer cam inspection can identify the exact area and the reason for the blockage. It is often the case that the cause is roots from a nearby tree. In this case, simply having the tree removed will eliminate the problem, and the sewer line will not need to be replaced.

Buying a home
There may be nothing wrong with the drains, but after you purchase the house you may find out that the main sewer line needs to be replaced. This can be expensive, but a pre-sale inspection of the drain line will spot this problem before the home is purchased.

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