Monday, January 5, 2015

The Importance of Refrigerants in Today’s World

Purchasing the right refrigerant is very important. It needs to function properly a well as help keep our environment as safe as possible. A little knowledge on these products can make choosing the correct one a bit easier.

Refrigerants are mixtures or substances that people use in their refrigeration cycles and heat pumps. It is usually in a liquid form. During a cycle of use it will change from a liquid form to a gas and back again. Many types of fluids are used for this purpose. Flourocarbons such as chlorofluorocarboons became the most popular during the 20th century. Due to their effect on the ozone, these are being phased out. Other sources are now being used like sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and the non-halogenated hydrocarbons like propane.

A perfect refrigerant includes thermodynamic properties that are favorable, is non-corrosive, and is safe. This means no flammability or toxicity along with not changing the climate through ozone depletion. Different refrigerants include different traits at many varying levels. Choosing one usually means a trade-off of some sort.

When choosing a refrigerant that is both safe and effective it is best to rely on experts in the field. Many online retailers such as USA Refrigerants or your local refrigeration specialist can help with buying and disposing of these products safely. One can learn more here with these trained professionals before making a final decision.


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