Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Protect Your Family From Mosquitoes

Summertime is when friends and families love to get together and have parties, barbeques and other social gatherings in the outdoors. However, these gatherings often have many annoying, uninvited guests called mosquitoes. Everybody has experienced being outdoors and having fun, only to be attacked by a swarm of these hungry insects. Fortunately, you do not need to move all of your activities indoors in order to avoid mosquitoes. There are ways to fight back and prevent them from spoiling your fun. Here are some methods you can use for backyard mosquito control.

1. Eliminate standing water

This is the most important thing you need to do in order to stop mosquitoes from gathering in your back yard. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. If you keep your recycling containers and garbage cans in an open and uncovered area where they are exposed to rain, you need to drill holes in the bottom of each container. This will allow any rainwater that gets into the containers to drain out the bottom. Do not only drill holes in the sides. If the holes are in the sides and not the bottom, water will still collect at the bottom of the containers. You should also make sure your swimming pool has the proper amount of chlorine. Clean your gutters on a regular basis to prevent clogs. This will allow water to drain correctly and prevent areas of standing water from forming.

2. Call the professionals

If your mosquito problem is particularly bad, you might want to consider calling a pest control company that specializes in dealing with mosquitoes. They can come to your home and use chemicals that are specially designed to kill the mosquitoes without harming humans or pets. They can make your yard free of those awful pests, helping you to prepare for the outdoor gathering you are planning. Many of these companies use insecticides that are friendly to the environment. You can look online to find some companies in your area that provide this service.

3. Bug zappers

These are a very effective tool to use against mosquitoes, especially if you want to invite people to a gathering at night. Insects are naturally attracted to light, so bug zappers will not be nearly as effective in the middle of the day. If you are using a bug zapper and you have small children wandering around, make sure you hang it in the air so the children can't touch it.


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