Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Staying Safe In Bed

Bed rails are ideal for those who are elderly and need to stay in a bed for safety issues or for those who are confined to a bed because of an injury or illness. There are various kinds of bed rails to purchase. Some of them are secured to the bed and don’t move while others swing away from the bed to make it easier for the person to get out. These are something to look into for someone who is able to get up and down with limited help. 

A benefit of a bed rail is that it can help provide safety for someone who doesn’t need to be walking in the home alone. They provide the support that someone needs to get out of bed so that they don’t fall. If you are caring for someone, bed rails are a way for you to have the stability needed to help them get up instead of relying solely on your legs and back for the strength to move them. The rails can give an independence for those who feel like they are confined to a bed all day and night since it does help them get up and down. Learn more here about types of rails.


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