Monday, April 6, 2015

Safety While On The Floor

The safety of employees at a business is the highest priority for most managers. One of the ways that employees can stay safe at work is by standing on mats. There are several kinds of safety matting that can be purchased depending on the kind of business. 

Restaurants often see a large number of mats in the business. They are usually placed in the kitchen area to prevent falls while preparing meals. The floor might get slippery from grease or other liquids that are spilled. Most of the mats in kitchens have holes in them to allow for drainage. They are also thicker to give plenty of support for the feet and back. Those who push carts in and out of the cushion will find that beveled mats are better than those that don't have the lower edges.

Non-slip mats in a warehouse make it easier for those who stand in one area all day. They create a safer environment for those who work with heavy objects so that the feet don't move while working. There are mats for those who stand behind cash registers while at work and mats for those who work near swimming pools. When you purchase safety mats, you need to think about the person who is working in the area as some employees might need more support than others because of their gender or health issues that might be a factor on the job.


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