Friday, June 5, 2015

Treating Pets to Pampering

Traveling can be an exciting adventure, and the chance to break out of a routine for a few days can be relaxing. Pets who are left behind may not feel the same way unless they have a bit of pampering for themselves. There are some luxuries available that can make being out of a routine enjoyable for a pet.

Consider Options Carefully
Many people opt to simply leave their dog at home and ask a neighbor to check in on their beloved pet periodically. This option is often not a good choice for the dog, as dogs often feel lonely when they are only given attention once or twice daily. There are certainly better options available that will allow dogs to feel happy and content while separated from their families.

Luxury Kennels Offer Perks Pets will love the chance to relax and indulge in a special routine just for them. Instead of being sad or lonely without family around, pets will enjoy the amenities available at a luxury dog kennel like Paw Print Inn. Dogs are able to enjoy group play twice daily, and they are served premium meals. Meals consist of a lamb and rice formula that offers a high level of nutrients. Gourmet selections are also an available option.

Pets Can Enjoy the Vacation Going on vacation is not as relaxing if a pet is back home feeling sad and abandoned. Letting a dog stay at a luxurious kennel is a way to make sure that the entire family is having a fun vacation. Premium services such as cuddling, private play sessions and massages are also available so that pets receive extra attention while they are at the kennel.

Instead of leaving a pet to feel lonely, consider treating a beloved pet to a special time. Dogs will enjoy the chance to feel refreshed and vacations will be a happier time for the whole family. A luxury kennel can be a great option for everyone.


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