Friday, April 29, 2016

Living My Dreams

Summer vacation for the kids proved to be a good time for them to rest, have a good sleep and enjoy family amidst the hot season. My eldest is on her on-the-job training in a Korean Restaurant and she’s enjoying rounding up duties in the restaurant in serving customers, helping the kitchen and assisting fellow employees. She’s having fun in everything she learns and always tells me stories of their Korean customers and some celebrities who eats there. She learns the Korean menu easily and masters the name which is a bit tricky in pronunciation. I love looking at her when she shares her experiences. It’s what she really wants. 

My daughter has many things to consider when she enrolled in PUP. At first she wanted to take up Interior Design but when enrollment finally came she enrolled in Hospitality Management where she studies management of hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, convention centers, destination marketing organizations, country clubs and a lot more. It also involves culinary things which she loves most especially pastry. The course suits her as it needs patience in organizing and planning events which is so much of her. Well it’s like singing to her which she loves doing in her free times. She has a good voice and can play keyboards and lyre. Her passion for cooking is like her passion for music. 

Sometimes when I hear her sing together with her youngest brother I love to have mackie onyx and have their songs recorded. As Ruth and Gen always sings with Gen playing the instrument it’s a sight I always love to see. It’s a great feeling to see your kids have the hobbies and flair for the things you dream of having. As I dreamed of being a musician in my younger days it’s enough for me now to see all my kids have the talents in singing and playing musical instruments. It’s one of the best gifts from above.


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