Friday, December 23, 2016

Gen's Natural Talent in Music

The whole family loves music and it’s not a surprise considering that we came from a family of musician. Grandfather plays alfa, my uncle sings beautifully and the rest follows. Now all of my brother’s four kids plays various instruments same with my own kids. My daughter Gen plays the most among them and she learns fast even without formal music schooling. When she wants an instrument to play she just set her mind into it, get the instrument and she will start playing it. She usually takes some music pieces online.

When I heard her play piano my soul relaxes and soothes my spirit. That’s the effect the effect of music played in piano to me. I also love guitar so when my Gen falls in love with playing guitar I feel like my childhood dreams of being an instrumentalist came true. She loves every minute of tinkering guitar just as she loves playing her fingers on the keyboard. My daughter has a natural talent so when she asked me if she would be able to buy music items like gibson es I always say yes but will tell her that if we have budget.

Now she’s always telling me that when the time comes that she’s already working and earning good she will buy all her wished musical instruments and accessories. That’s really one of her dreams so as a Mom I’ll see to it that if I can save enough for her instruments I will buy her immediately and will not wait for her college graduation. Or maybe I’ll give it as graduation gift.


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